KingBNJMN: Life and Music

After dropping FUTURE the week before, Future dropped HNDRXX as a change of pace project. It showed the versatility of the Atlanta rapper with tracks like “Solo” and “Sorry” as slow rap songs with deeper meanings while he sang heartbroken or upbeat ballads on “Damage” and “Testify.” There are times when this project gets dark, but that is due to the lifestyle Future entails. A change up that threw most people off guard in a good way is the song “Fresh Air.

Fresh Air” is a track where Future fluctuates in his tone and puts passion in his lyrics behind an upbeat instrumental that was co-produced by KingBNJMN. He is singing about needing some time alone after he has been in some sort of relationship for a while. KingBNJMN took some time to talk about his surprise placement on HNDRXX, his music, and other endeavors. 

KingBNJMN has been making beats for the better part of five years now. His biggest inspirations in music are from Timbaland, T-Minus, Di Genius, Kanye West, as well as others. He described music as a tool in his life that has always been around and been used by him. In addition, he thinks of it as a breath of fresh air, no pun intended, as he can get away from life’s distractions. As a kid, he was always into beats, how they were made, what went into making a good beat, and it naturally became something he pursued. Like anything we pursue in life, our passion can, most often times, be attributed to the way we were raised. The 23 year-old producer reflected on his upbringings.

“I’m so grateful I’m from Canada and Jamaica. Both my parents are Jamaican. The old school type too. So I grew up on so many types of music, grooves, it really inspired me to master a lot of different types of music. And I never stop learning,” said KingBNJMN.

He shows his appreciation for Jamaican music while admiring the new sound of the city of Toronto. The Jamaican producer says his ties inspire him and adds another facet to his music. He can create Dance Hall music just as easily as he can make a trap beat. R&B, Soul, and Reggae are also favorites of his as well. There is a part in “Fresh Air” where you hear African drums as the track reached its’ climax. As for Toronto, he believes it is the future of music with various artists, mainstream and underground, paving the way.

KingBNJMN found out a day before the launch of HNDRXX that his instrumental had made the cut.

The excited producer said, “Major Seven [co-producer] hit me up and was like “dawg we got one” and that was it. The process was uneventful, but all I was hoping for was a great song and that’s what we got.”

Since then, he said his phone has been burning up. The placement on the surprise album has not stopped the producer’s motivated state of mind. He continues to work hard and stay humble. He has more instrumentals and music of his own people can listen to. The Soundcloud link on his Twitter, @KINGBNJMN, contains many styles. He has songs with an old school, trap, R&B, and soul sound. He tries to add more character and flavor to his emporium as he does not want to be known for just one sound.

Fresh Air” was a great song, but KingBNJMN continues to grind. He works with artists from Toronto, Jamaica, and anywhere else. He has worked with global icon Sean Paul and soaks up the wisdom from him. KingBNJMN continues to elevate, create his own sound, and watch his dreams come to fruition.